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Harris County DA Kim Ogg Delivers “State of the Office” Address at STCL Houston

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg ’86 returned to her alma mater, South Texas College of Law Houston, recently to deliver a “State of the Office” address to approximately 700 employees of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

STCL Houston President and Dean Don Guter welcomed Ogg and noted, “Your law school and fellow alumni continue to proudly watch you manage issues and your team with professionalism, integrity, courage, inclusiveness, and transparency. We are eager to follow your continued success throughout the new year.”

In thanking Guter for his introduction, Ogg said, “[Dean Guter] is taking this school to the top. I am very, very proud to be an alumna of South Texas and a friend of yours, Dean Guter.”

Ogg began her address by thanking attendees and emphasizing the important role each employee plays in the successful operation of the office. “You perform a critical function – none of us can operate without each other… It’s more important today to think as a team with a common set of values, to operate as one.”

She continued, “The extra minute you take to help someone – it’s the little things you do in the quiet moments that build character.”

Ogg summarized: “We have the duty to bring justice to people who deserve it. We must be prosecutors for these times.”

Ogg then addressed the operational successes of her team. She recounted significant achievements in policies regarding the diversion of thousands of drug offenders, ongoing bail reform efforts, human trafficking, civil rights, vehicular crimes, establishing a sound infrastructure, fixing salary disparities, and check fraud, among others.

She concluded her address by encouraging attendees and stating, “It’s important in this family of ours that we reach for something bigger than us. And that’s what we’re doing. We believe in a diversity of ideas, an exchange of thoughts… Let’s put it in a strategy and go kick butt!”