South Texas Law Review


The South Texas Law Review will be publishing Volume 54 Issue 2 in the coming months. This issue contains articles on unjust enrichment in Texas, the effects of unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”) on political accountability, the meaning of “fairness” in mediation, and applying rhetorical principles to warning defects.

  • Articles:
    • Professor David Dittfurth, Restitution in Texas: Civil Liability for Unjust Enrichment
    • Benjamin R. Farley, Drones and Democracy: Missing Out on Accountability?
    • Dr. Omer Shapira, Conceptions and Perceptions of Fairness in Mediation
    • Professor Jeff Todd, A Rhetoric of Warning Defects

  • Comments:
    • Eric Bean, The Repeal of Affirmative Action, the Political Structure Doctrine, and “Mere” Repeal: Developing a Unifying Rule from a Jurisprudential Morass
    • Jaclyn Patton, Encouraging Exploitation of the Military by For-Profit Colleges: The New GI Bill and the 90/10 Rule

The Review will then publish Volume 54 Issue 3 in the coming months, featuring articles from our Fall 2012 Ethics Symposium, “Ethical Implications of the Commercial Use of Animals.”





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