Digital Lawyering Toolkit: E-filing and Records Management for Solo & Small Firm Practitioners.

March 7, 2014
Emilie Slohm Room


Chris Daniel, Esq. Harris County District Clerk.
Mr. Daniel graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in Mechanical Engineering with a business minor in 2005, and from Houston College of Law with a specialization in patent law in 2010. After researching and designing oilfield tool and managing projects in the oil business, Chris became involved in the field of Intellectual Property and Patent Law. He has been the Harris County District Clerk since 2010.

Ray J. Vazquez.
Mr. Vazquez is the Case Manager for the Honorable Melinda Harmon, United States District Judge, Southern District of Texas. He is frequent speaker on federal e-filing for in-house attorneys and for the Texas State Bar. He will graduate from Houston College of Law in May 2014.

Patricia Vice, CRM, FAI.
Ms. Vice is president of Patricia Vice, CRM & Associates, Inc, a Houston-based Records and Information Management consulting firm, which provides services to government, public and privately held organizations internationally. She is a well-known speaker and lecturer in the records and information management industry, conducting seminars for numerous professional associations, university programs, and various industry s
pecific associations.