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Rule 17. Officer to Execute Process


Except where otherwise expressly provided by law or these rules, the officer receiving any process to be executed shall not be entitled in any case to demand his fee for executing the same in advance of such execution, but his fee shall be taxed and collected as other costs in the case.

Source: Art. 3911.

Change: Addition of the matter to the first comma.

Oct. 29, 1940, eff. Sept.1,1941.

For context only: Art. 1915. Powers of District Judges in Vacation. Judges of the district courts may in vacation, by consent of the parties, exercise all powers, make all orders, and perform all acts, as fully as in term time, and may, by consent of the parties, try any civil case, except divorce cases, without a jury and enter final judgment. All such proceedings shall be conducted under the same rules as if done in term time, and the right of appeals and writ of error shall apply as if the acts had been done in term time.