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Rule 757. Citation and Service


Upon the filing of a petition for partition, the clerk shall issue citation for each of the joint owners, or joint claimants, named therein, as in other cases, and such citations shall be served in the manner and for the time provided for the service of citations in other cases.

Source: Art. 6084, unchanged.

For context only: Art. 6085. Where Defendant Is Unknown. If the plaintiff, his agent or attorney, at the commencement of any suit, or during the progress thereof, for the partition of land, shall make affidavit that an undivided portion of the land described in the plaintiff's petition in said suit is owned by some person unknown to affiant, the clerk of the court shall issue a citation to the proper officer, which shall contain a brief statement of the nature of the suit, and a description of the interest of the unknown owner or owners, commanding such officer to summon such unknown owner or owners by making publication of the citation in some newspaper in the county where the writ issued, if there be a newspaper published in said county, but if not, then in the nearest county where a newspaper is published, once each week for four (4) successive weeks previous to the return day of such process. When such notice is given, and no appearance is entered within the time prescribed for pleading, the court shall appoint an attorney to defend in behalf of such owner or owners, and proceed as in other causes where service is made by publication. It shall be the special duty of the court in all such cases to see that its decree protects the rights of the unknown parties thereto. The judge of the court shall fix the fee of the attorney so appointed, which shall be entered and collected as costs against said unknown owner or owners. As amended Acts 1939, 46th Leg., p. 582, par. 1.

Oct. 29, 1940, eff. Sept. 1, 1941.