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Rule 674. Trial of Issue


If the garnishee whose answer is controverted, is a resident of the county in which the proceeding is pending, an issue shall be formed under the direction of the court and tried as in other cases.

Source: Art. 4095, unchanged.

For context only: Art. 4096. Trial When Garnishee is Non-Resident. Should the garnishee be a foreign corporation, not incorporated under the laws of this State, and should its answer be controverted, the issues thus formed shall be tried in the court where the main suit is pending, or was tried; but if the garnishee whose answer is controverted, resided in some county other than the one in which the main case is pending or was tried, and is not a foreign corporation, then upon the filing of a controverting affidavit by any party to the suit, the plaintiff may file in any court in the county of residence of the garnishee having jurisdiction of the amount of the judgment in the original suit, a duly certified copy of the judgment in such original suit and of the proceedings in garnishment, including a certified copy of the plaintiff's application for the writ, the answer of the garnishee, and the affidavit controverting such answer. The court wherein such certified copies are filed shall try the issues made as provided by law.

Oct. 29, 1940, eff. Sept. 1, 1941.