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Rule 621a. Discovery in Aid of Enforcement of Judgment (1971)


At any time after rendition of judg­ment, and so long as said judgment has not been suspended by a supersedeas bond or by order of a proper court and has not become dormant as provided by Article 3773, V.A.T.S., the successful party may, for the purpose of obtaining information to aid in the enforcement of such judg­ment, initiate and maintain in the trial court in the same suit in which said judgment was rendered any discovery proceeding authorized by these rules for pretrial matters, and the rules governing and related to such pretrial discovery proceedings shall apply in like manner to discovery proceedings after judgment. The rights herein granted to the success­ful party shall inure to a successor or assignee, in whole or in part, of the successful party. Judicial supervision of such discovery proceedings after judg­ment shall be the same as that provided by law or these rules for pretrial discovery proceedings insofar as applicable.

Note: New Rule.

July 21, 1970, eff. Jan. 1, 1971.


July 15, 1987, eff. Jan. 1, 1988