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Rule 509.2. Contents Of Petition; Copies; Forms And Amendments (2013)


(a) Contents of Petition. The petition must be in writing and must include the following:
    (1) the street address of the residential rental property;
    (2) a statement indicating whether the tenant has received in writing the name and business street address of the landlord and landlord's management company;
    (3) to the extent known and applicable, the name, business street address, and telephone number of the landlord and the landlord's management company, on-premises manager, and rent collector serving the residential rental property;
    (4) for all notices the tenant gave to the landlord requesting that the condition be repaired or remedied:
      (A) the date of the notice;
      (B) the name of the person to whom the notice was given or the place where the notice was given;
      (C) whether the tenant's lease is in writing and requires written notice;
      (D) whether the notice was in writing or oral;
      (E) whether any written notice was given by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by registered mail; and
      (F) whether the rent was current or had been timely tendered at the time notice was given;
    (5) a description of the property condition materially affecting the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant that the tenant seeks to have repaired or remedied;
    (6) a statement of the relief requested by the tenant, including an order to repair or remedy a condition, a reduction in rent, actual damages, civil penalties, attorney's fees, and court costs;
    (7) if the petition includes a request to reduce the rent:
      (A) the amount of rent paid by the tenant, the amount of rent paid by the government, if known, the rental period, and when the rent is due; and
      (B) the amount of the requested rent reduction and the date it should begin;
    (8) a statement that the total relief requested does not exceed $10,000, excluding interest and court costs but including attorney's fees; and
    (9) the tenant's name, address, and telephone number.
(b) Copies. The tenant must provide the court with copies of the petition and any attachments to the petition for service on the landlord.
(c) Forms and Amendments. A petition substantially in the form promulgated by the Supreme Court is sufficient. A suit may not be dismissed for a defect in the petition unless the tenant is given an opportunity to correct the defect and does not promptly correct it.

Added by order of April 15th, 2013, eff. Aug. 31, 2013.