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Rule 503.4. Pretrial Conference (2013)


(a) Conference Set; Issues. If all parties have appeared in a lawsuit, the court, at any party's request or on its own, may set a case for a pretrial conference. Reasonable notice must be sent to all parties at their addresses of record. Appropriate issues for the pretrial conference include:
    (1) discovery;
    (2) the amendment or clarification of pleadings;
    (3) the admission of facts and documents to streamline the trial process;
    (4) a limitation on the number of witnesses at trial;
    (5) the identification of facts, if any, which are not in dispute between the parties;
    (6) mediation or other alternative dispute resolution services;
    (7) the possibility of settlement;
    (8) trial setting dates that are amenable to the court and all parties;
    (9) the appointment of interpreters, if needed;
    (10) the application of a Rule of Civil Procedure not in Part V or a Rule of Evidence; and
    (11) any other issue that the court deems appropriate.
(b) Eviction Cases. The court must not schedule a pretrial conference in an eviction case if it would delay trial.

Added by order of April 15th, 2013, eff. Aug. 31, 2013.