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Rule 477. Proceedings on Certified Questions


When a certified question from a Court of Civil Appeals is presented to the clerk of the Supreme Court, he will file and docket it and send it at once to the consultation room. If the court should determine that the question is not properly certified under the statute and these rules so as to give jurisdiction to answer it, it will be dismissed without a hearing. Otherwise, it will be set down for argument on a day to be fixed by the court in regular session. The clerk shall issue notices to the attorneys whose names appear of record in the case of the day on which the question or ques­tions shall be submitted, at least fifteen days before the said date set for hearing.

Source: Art. 1758 and State Rules 15 (part) and 17 (for Supreme Court), combined with minor textual change.

Oct. 29, 1940, eff. Sept. 1, 1941.

Repealed by order of April 10, 1986, eff. Sept. 1, 1986.