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Rule 313. Against Executors, Etc.


A judgment for the recovery of money against an executor, administrator or guardian, as such, shall state that it is to be paid in the due course of administration. No execution shall issue thereon, but it shall be certified to the county court, sitting in matters of probate, to be there enforced in accordance with law, but judgment against an executor appointed and acting under a will dispensing with the action of the county court in reference to such estate shall be enforced against the property of the testator in the hands of such executor, by execution, as in other cases.

Source: Art. 2222, unchanged.

Oct. 29, 1940, eff. Sept. 1, 1941.

For context only: Art. 2223. Against Partners. Where the suit is against several partners jointly indebted upon contract, and the citation has been served upon some of such partners but not upon all, judgment may be rendered therein against such partnership and against the partners actually served, but no personal judgn1ent or execution shall be awarded against those not served.

For context only: Art. 2224. Contract to waive or Confess. No acceptance of service and waiver of process, nor entry of appearance in open court, nor a confession of judgment shall be authorized in any case by the contract or writing sued on, or any other instrument executed prior to the institution of such suit, nor shall such acceptance or waiver be made until after suit brought.