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Rule 167.5. Procedures


(a) Modification of time limits. On motion, and for good cause shown, the court may - by written order made before commencement of trial on the merits - modify the time limits for filing a declaration under Rule 167.2(a) or for making an offer.

(b) Discovery permitted. On motion, and for good cause shown, a party against whom litigation costs are to be awarded may conduct discovery to ascertain the reasonableness of the costs requested. If the court determines the costs to be reason­able, it must order the party requesting discovery to pay all attorney fees and expenses incurred by other parties in responding to such discovery.

(c) Hearing required. The court must, upon request, conduct a hearing on a request for an award of lit­igation costs, at which the affected parties may present evidence.

Oct. 9, 2003, eff. Jan. 1, 2004.