South Texas College of Law Houston

National Jurist names STCL Houston among best for bar prep

In the winter 2017 issue of The National Jurist, the magazine named South Texas College of Law Houston among the best law schools for bar exam preparation. The publication took an unconventional approach to producing the list to determine which schools across the nation outperform on the bar based on their LSAT scores. The magazine’s staff used “a regression model fitting a quadratic relationship with median LSAT scores and a linear relationship with state bar pass rates” to predict bar passage for prior and future years. Then, they compared each school’s actual pass rates for 2014 and 2013 with their predictions to find the difference between the two.

STCL Houston “produced far better bar passage rates than LSAT scores would indicate.” On average, seven percent more STCL Houston graduates passed the 2013 and 2014 bar exam than was predicted by entering LSAT scores for those classes. With incoming LSAT scores dropping for many law schools, The National Jurist’s study is consistent with other studies that show first-year grades are better predictors of bar exam performance than LSAT scores.

STCL Houston recently made enhancements – including an enhanced bar preview course, changes to academic supervision and support programs, and new mentorship and coaching initiatives – demonstrating the law school’s commitment to reevaluate and improve the curriculum on a continual basis and provide students with the best legal education possible.