Internet Legal Research -- Summer 2005
Professor Solomon
Unit One:
Internet Tutorials, Law Student Resources, Legal News, Staying Current, and Email Bulletins

Internet Tutorials
Finding Information On The Internet
Learn The Net

Law Student Resources
Law School Discussion
Law Central
Chess Law
Law School
Findlaw Student Resources
Hieros Gamos Law Student Center
Jurist Student Life
All Law -- Student Section
Georgetown Legal Research Tutorials
Katsuey's Law Jobs List
Legal Employment

Legal News
Findlaw's Legal News
Findlaw's Legal Commentary -- Writ
Jurist Legal News -- Paper Chase
CNN Law Center
Court TV
Hieros Gamos Legal News Center

Staying Current --
Tracking New Legal Internet Websites
LLRX -- Law Library Research Xchange
Inter Alia Internet Legal Research Weblog
The Virtual Chase Newsletter
ABA Site-tation
Justice Served Top Ten Websites

Email Bulletins
Findlaw Newsletters
Findlaw Message Boards
Hieros Gamos Mailing Lists
Internet Legal Research Weekly
LII United States Supreme Court Opinions
Texas Supreme Court & Attorney General Opinions
Law Newsletters
Track Engine
Watch That Page
Notice.Com -- Product Recalls & Class Actions

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