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South Texas College of Law

ANATOMY OF A FAMILY LAW CASE for the New Practitioner
March 5, 2014
Houston, Texas


  • Aldape, Bernie III, Aldape Hanson PLLC
  • Arguello, Martin, Arguello, Hope & Associates
  • Arora, Ashima, Ashima Arora Chock Law Firm
  • Avery, Polly L., Tyrone C. Moncriffe & Associates
  • Bober, Makenna G., The Springer Law Firm
  • Brint, Arienne, Solvay
  • Cedrone, Bianca, Ramos Law Firm
  • Cheng, Chia C., Attorney at Law
  • Clark, Meredith V., Meredith Clark Law
  • Cortez, Maria, Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Dayton, Scott R., The Dayton Law Firm, PLLC
  • Del Bosque, Samantha, Tahirih Justice Center
  • Farrior, Iman H., The Farrior Firm
  • Flores, Bianca, Busby & Associates
  • Fultz, Patricia, Law Office of Mark R. Maltsberger
  • Gaines, Gregory L., Law Offices of Gregory L. Gaines
  • Gamble, Allison J., Attorney at Law
  • Garcia, Kellie, Attorney at Law
  • Garmond, Lyndsay M., South Texas College of Law - Staff
  • Gongara, Sherri, Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Griffin, Aja, Attorney at Law
  • Guillen, Robyn, Cannon Mediation Group
  • Howton, Jessica L., Tahirih Justice Center
  • Huju, Becca, Tahirih Justice Center
  • Kahle, Richard W., Newman Law Firm
  • Kim, Michelle M., Morais Kim Law
  • Knox, Matthew A., Laura Dale & Associates, PC
  • Lohman, Jonny P., Lohman Law Firm PLLC
  • Luebano, Lynda, Cordell & Cordell, P.C.
  • Martinez, Claudia, Arguello, Hope & Associates
  • Matlak, Michael R., Law Office of Michael R. Matlak
  • Mayer, Sylvia, S. Mayer Law PLLC
  • Merek, Margot, Attorney at Law
  • Miller, Natalie H., Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C.
  • Moore, Angela L., Attorney at Law
  • Nguyen, Angie T., Cordell & Cordell, P.C.
  • Pena, Rachel, Shannon L. Boudreaux, PC
  • Reece, Rhonda A., Law Office of Rhonda A. Reece
  • Reed, John G., Attorney at Law
  • Reed, Melissa Q., The Law Office of Melissa Q. Reed, P.C.
  • Robertson, Catherine B., Robertson & Associates
  • Rosario, Glorieni, Dorothy Butler Law Firm
  • Sanchez, Adelina, Busby & Associates PC
  • Sternberg, Paul M., Attorney at Law
  • Witkovski, Kathleen D., Ellen A. Yarrell, P.C.
  • Wood, Elizabeth G., Tindall & England, P.C.



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