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South Texas College of Law

March 7-8, 2013
Houston, Texas


  • Acosta, Diana, Burgower & Rainwater, LLP
  • Adams, Jim A., Law Office of Jim Alan Adams
  • Anderson, Paul, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Barrow, Kara L.
  • Bermudez, Cynthia
  • Billings, Patricia G., Law Office of Patricia Garcia Billings
  • Boeing, Byron W., The Boeing Law Firm
  • Boykin, Randall R., Attorney at Law
  • Brass, Rick, Brass & McCotter
  • Bryant, T. Kyle, Bryant Law
  • Buskirk, Bruce A., Buskirk & Associates, P.C.
  • Cervantes, Cruz, Cervatnes & Cervantes
  • Cox, William S., Harris County Attorney's Office
  • Craig, Lori-Ann, Attorney at Law
  • Dionne, Alina, Brass & McCotter
  • Drum, Hon. Teresa A., 294th District Court
  • Fecht, Julie T., Timpa Law Office
  • Foteh, Mary K., Law Office of Mary Khano Foteh, P.C.
  • Harris, Krista M., Looper, Reed & McGraw
  • Harvey, Sibyl, Law Office of Stanley Broussard
  • Hernandez, Patricia A., Law Office of Patricia A. Hernandez, P.C.
  • Ho, Judy H., Attorney at Law
  • Josephson, Sean R., Adams Law Firm
  • Kubosh, Ernest L., Attorney at Law
  • Leal, Lily, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Lehmann, Andrew, Houston Volunteer Lawyers
  • Lincoln, Christine, K., The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC
  • Lopez, Jodi L., Jodi Head Lopez & Associates
  • Lutterbie, Lindsay S., Zimmerman Law Firm, LLP
  • McClendon, Kelly, Attorney at Law
  • McDougal, Larry P., Jr., Law Office of Larry McDougal
  • Mitchell, Miryam R., Law Office of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C.
  • Nixon, Marilyn, Brass & McCotter
  • Rosenquist, Robert A., Darden Fowler creighton
  • Rowland, Rebecca E., South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Schroeder, Katrina, Wilson Legal Group, P.C.
  • Shepherd, Anne H., Attorney at Law
  • Tabakman, Gary, Law Office of Gary Tabakman
  • Tatum, Luan, Tatum and Tatum, P.C.
  • Tillman, B. Lynn, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Timpa, Kim R., Timpa Law Office
  • Van Slyke, Chase A., South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Waldman, Allison E., Cameron Family Law Firm
  • Walsh, Brian D., Attorney at Law
  • Wilson, John T., Wilson Legal Group, P.C.



Continuiing Legal Education

Garrett Townes Hall

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