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South Texas College of Law

Guardian and Attorney Ad Litem Certification Course
September 18, 2013
Houston, Texas


  • Ahn, Kristopher, The Ahn Law Firm
  • Anderson, Paul, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Ashby, Randall, Waldron & Schneider LLP
  • Austin, William, C. William Austin, Attorney at Law
  • Bailey, Marilynn Poole, Noel O. Bailey PC
  • Ball, Maureen, Attorney at Law
  • Barnett, Colleen, Attorney at Law
  • Barrelli, Louis, Law Office of Louis Barrelli
  • Beacham, James, Beacham Law Firm
  • Bennett, Kami, Jones Morris Klevenhagen, LLP
  • Bevan, Carol, Attorney at Law
  • Blaylock, Joseph, Attorney at Law
  • Boenig, Byron, Boenig & Yñigez Law Firm
  • Boggan, Garry, Attorney and Counselor at Law
  • Bonner, Vic, The Bonner Law Firm, P.C.
  • Branick, Jesse, Branick Walston & Devenzio
  • Cameron, Mary Beth, Cameron Law Firm
  • Campa, Philip, The Campa Law Firm, PC
  • Carter, Dennis, Law Office of Dennis W. Carter
  • Chavez, Damaris, Law Office of Damaris A. Chavez
  • Costello, Steven, Law Office of Steven Costello, PLLC
  • Cushingberry, Sharon, Law Office of Sharon K. Cushingberry
  • Davis, Samantha, Attorney at Law
  • Day, James, Attorney at Law
  • Devenzio, Trent, Branick, Walston & Devenzio
  • Dillon, Sha Jolynn, Lamar University
  • Dossey, James, Dossey & Jones, PLLC
  • Dye, Leslie R., Attorney at Law
  • Fairweather, Donna, City of Galveston
  • Ford, George, Harris County Protective Services
  • Gallagher, Matthew, Attorney at Law
  • Graham, Caitlin, Attorney at Law
  • Green, George, Attorney at Law
  • Hallisey, Wade Nolan, Hallisey Law & Mediation, P.L.L.C.
  • Hefferly, Andrew, Moorman, Tate, Urquhart, Haley, Upchurch & Yates, L.L.P.
  • Hoffpauir, Derek, Attorney at Law
  • Ike, Pauline, Law Office of Pauline Ike
  • Jackson, Gregory, Gregory Allen Jackson, P.C.
  • Jewett, Robert, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Jones, Eugene, Gene Jones Law Office
  • Khan-Sajjad, Aisha, Law Office of Aisha Khan-Sajjad, PLLC
  • Kovach, John, Jim S. Adler, P.C.
  • Kuteyi, Tolulope, Kuteyi & Mokolo Attorneys at Law, PLLC
  • Lacina, Jonas, Lacina & Kenjura, P.C.
  • Liptrap, Kathryn, Attorney at Law
  • Lott, Richard, Law Office of Richard J. Lott, Jr.
  • Luna, Al, Al Luna Attorney at Law
  • Mason, Mary E., Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
  • Mathews, Bernard, The Mathews Law Office
  • Matlak, Mike, Law Offices of Stephen Jackson
  • Matlak, Tara, Law Office of Tara Matlak
  • McCreight, Alyssa, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Meinardus, Karen H., Attorney at Law
  • Menotti, Sarah, Green & Green,PC
  • Meyers, Otto, Otto Meyers & Associates PLLC
  • Moerer, Carl H., Jr., Tate Moerer & King, LLP
  • Mokolo, Uzoamaka, Kuteyi & Mokolo Attorneys at Law, PLLC
  • Morton, Julia, Julia H. Morton, PLLC
  • Musgrave, Holly, Law Office of Holly K. Musgrave
  • Nealy, William, Law Office of William Nealy
  • O'Rear, Brian Scott, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Patel, Grishma, The Law Office of Grishma Patel
  • Plumbar, Joseph, South Texas College of Law
  • Reiner, Howard, Howard M. Reiner & Associates
  • Richmond, Lacey, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Russell, Wellington, Wyckoff & Russell
  • Saegert, Michael, Michael Seagert, Attorney at Law
  • Saunders, Lloyd, Texas Attorney General
  • Schneider, Brandt, Attorney at Law
  • Sharma, Tuhina, The Law Office of Tuhina Sharma
  • Sharretts, Toni Lynn, Law Office of Toni L. Sharretts
  • Smith, W. Steve, McFall, Breibeil & Smith, P.C.
  • Stewart, Julie, The Seiler Law Firm
  • Suntharam, Yvonne, Attorney at Law
  • Surber, William, Gauntt, Earl & Binney
  • Swanson, Erin, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Taylor, Keith, South Texas College of Law - Recent Graduate
  • Testa, Nicholas, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Thompson, Richard, Attorney at Law
  • Tillman, Lynn, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Timmons, Sean, Law Offices of Sean C. Timmons
  • Todd, Rob, South Texas College of Law - Adjunct Professor
  • Trombley, Mary Lesa, Attorney at Law
  • Veki, Anuradha Veera
  • Waggoner, Angela, Safe Haven Counseling Center
  • Wanies-Guirgis, Christina, Damani Law Firm
  • Wilson, James F., Attorney at Law
  • Wisch, Steven, Attorney at Law
  • Woodward, Elizabeth, Attorney at Law
  • Wyatt, Donald Louis, Jr., Wyatt & Gracey, PC
  • Wyatt, Emily, South Texas College of Law - Graduate
  • Yñigez, Jared, Boenig & Yñigez Law Firm
  • Zimmerman, Harold, Attorney at Law



Continuiing Legal Education

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