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Exhibitor and Underwriter Opportunities

South Texas College of Law CLE welcomes exhibitors at most of our live courses, as long as space is available and the products and services offered bear a direct relationship to the subject matter taught in the course and the vendor is reputable. We present approximately eighteen live courses each year. Being listed and present as an exhibitor is an excellent way to showcase your products and services. If you are interested in exhibiting at one of our live courses, please contact Lisa L. Dahm, Director of CLE, at (713) 646-1873 or

South Texas also is pleased to receive offers of financial support to help defray our course expenses. By keeping expenses down, we increase the amount of surplus we generate and provide to the law school. This surplus funds student services and helps keep tuition levels reasonable. Being identified as an underwriter on our web site, in various publications, and at the course is another excellent way to increase your company's visibility with the practicing bar. If you are interested in providing financial support for any of our live courses, please contact Lisa L. Dahm, Director of CLE, at (713) 646-1873 or

Please note: as a 501(c)(3) entity, we can acknowledge your participation as an exhibitor or underwriter, and exhibitors can demonstrate their products or services at their respective booths. However, we cannot endorse or advertise any exhibitor or underwriter's products or services.




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