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South Texas College of Law

Guardian and Ad Litem Certification Course
September 22, 2010
Houston, Texas


  • Ashby, Richard, Anderson, Burns and Vela, LLP
  • Ashby, Randall, Waldron & Schneider, L.L.P.
  • Bahler, Andrew, Attorney at Law
  • Barnett, Frank M., Attorney at Law
  • Barton, Francine J., Attorney at Law
  • Bazemore, Robert, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Bistodeau, Diane Collins, Attorney at Law
  • Boyd, Dennis, Attorney at Law
  • Breland, Patton H., Jr., Breland & Breland
  • Buren, Charles B., Attorney at Law
  • Camarillo, Laura Marie, Attorney at Law
  • Catchings-Morales, Tinnea, Thurgood Marshall - Student
  • Colunga, Arnold, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Crews, Steven L., Attorney at Law
  • Dakarmandjian,Garabet K., Albert Lee Giddens Law Office
  • Davidson, Joe R., Joe R. Davidson PC
  • Davis, Nicole B.,, Timmons Advisors, LLC
  • Dickens, Raymond A., Jr., Attorney at Law
  • Doehring, Richard L., Doehring and Doehring
  • Dollins, Kathryn R., Attorney at Law
  • Dover, Bobby G., Dover & Fox, P.C.
  • Evans, John C., Evans & Evans
  • Farrell, N.J. "Jim", Attorney at Law
  • Flores, Mario J., Attorney at Law
  • Garmond, Lyndsay, South Texas College of Law
  • George, Lorin R., Attorney at Law
  • Giraud, Sharon E., Law Office of petrovich and Giraud
  • Glenn, William P., Jr., Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams, LLP
  • Glover, Shari L., Attorney at Law
  • Godinigh, Jerome, Law Office of Jerome Godinich
  • Goin, Martha "Marty" W., Exxon Mobil, Retired
  • Gonzalez, Michael W., Law offices of Michael W. Gonzalez
  • Haevischer, Lauren Kelm, Lacina, Kenjura and Haevischer, P.C.
  • Hafner, Emily J., Attorney at Law
  • Heiland, Constance R., Moak & Moak PC
  • Herron, Christine, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Hillendahl, Leslie K., Zimmerman, Axelrad, Meyer, Stern & Wise, P.C.
  • Hunt, Joi-Lin, Fitzgerald & Hunt, P.C.
  • Jones, Lilan, Communities in School - HISD
  • Keever, Pamela, Arnold S. Cohn PC
  • LaFitte, Karla J., LaFitte Law Firm
  • Laird, Claudia L., Montgomery County D.A.
  • Lambert, Raegan L., Harrison, Norwood & Company
  • Leavitt, Bernice Davis, Attorney at Law
  • Lewis, Marilyn W., Harris County Probate Court No. 2
  • Manchac, Francisca F., The Manchac Law Firm
  • Manley, David, Attorney at Law
  • Manning, Tammy C., Galligan & Manning
  • Mauere, Christopher J., Attorney at Law
  • McDonald, Lindsey A., South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Milano,Anthony, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Ndirangu, Uhuru, Law Office of Uhuru Ndirangu
  • Ng, Charles P., South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Peden, Tammy H., Law Offices of Tammy Henderson Peden
  • Perkins-Mouton, Trina, Attorney at Law
  • Piazza, Frank A., Jr., Brothers, Sepulveda & Alvarado, P.C.
  • Powell, Charles, Attorney at Law
  • Purdie, Bridget O., Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
  • Quinley, Lynn, Attorney at Law
  • Rhodes, James, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Rinker, Julie, Martin, Stilwell and Jones, LLP
  • Rittenberry, Kelsey, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Roscom, Shawna, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Roux, Kathy E., Law Office of Kathy E. Roux
  • Sarne, Andrew J., Kane, Russell, Coleman & Logan, P.C.
  • Schnurr, Elyssa, Law Offices of Elyssa M. Schnurr
  • Schreiber, Mareia Lee
  • Shad, Maryam Hagan, Shad Law Firm, PLLC
  • Sharma, Cavita, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Slone, Charles R., Attorney at Law
  • Smith, Amanda L., Attorney at Law
  • Smith, Roy W.,, Roy W. Smith, P.C.
  • Soliz, Lauren M., The Soliz Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
  • Somarakis, Nicolaos, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Spadaccino, Dylan
  • Stanfield, Robert, McIntyre & McCulloch, LLP
  • Stoebner, J. Eric, Jones & Harrell P.C.
  • Telge, Timothy E., Law Offices Tim Telge
  • Thomas, Damon C., Attorney at Law
  • Todd, Dwane L., Dwane Todd Law Firm
  • Tonkin Ronald, Attorney at Law
  • Torabi, Tonya M., Attorney at Law
  • Trewick, Megone, Attorney at Law
  • Webb, Paul, Paul Webb, P.C.
  • White, Carlette, White Law Office
  • White, Matthew J., Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
  • Wozniak, Vivian A., South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Wright, Gregory D., Law Offices of Gregory D. Wright
  • Wyont, Bianca, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Ziegler, Debbie, Law Office of Debbie Ziegler



Continuiing Legal Education

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