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Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution

As the practice of law evolves, attorneys spend considerably much more time in negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations than in the courtroom. As a result, it is critical that law students possess effective skills in these contemporary methods of legal representation.

The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution (FECCR) serves as the focal point for dispute resolution education within South Texas College of Law Houston. The FECCR has as its primary mission the education of law students in both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of dispute resolution policies and procedures. The FECCR sponsors and administers a variety of programs and projects, including classes, trainings, clinical opportunities, externships, and dispute resolution competitions. Currently, South Texas College of Law Houston offers eight ADR-related courses, including a mediation clinic and a 40-hour basic mediation training which is open to both students and attorneys. In addition, the FECCR sponsors teams for numerous national and international ADR competitions annually with the concentration and focus on representing clients in a variety of dispute resolution processes. In the last several years, the FECCR and South Texas College of Law Houston have achieved recognition by winning a number of national and international dispute resolution competitions. According to PreLaw Magazine, a National Jurist publication, South Texas College of Law Houston is ranked one of the top law schools for ADR.

The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution at a Glance:

  • Number of first place national and international ADR competition wins in recent years: 20
  • Number of full-time and part-time faculty and competition coaches: 17
  • Number of ADR courses offered: 9
  • Number of students across the country that have participated in the STCL Inter-School Negotiation Practicum since fall 2019: 1,022
  • Number of students that tried out at the 9th Annual ADR Intramural Tournament in 2019: 80
  • Average number of students that receive their 40-hour mediation certificate per year: 100
  • Number of EEOC mediation cases our mediation clinic students have mediated: 73
  • Amount of monetary settlements from EEOC cases our students have mediated : $570,596
  • Number of teams that participated in the 5th Annual South Texas College of Law Houston Energy Law Negotiation Competition in 2019: 18

For more information on our program or to register for any of our trainings, please email Debra Berman at or contact us at the information below.

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The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution

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