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Fall 2015 & Summer Intersession Initial Class Assignments

NOTE: You should reload this page if you have been here recently in order to insure that you are seeing all currently available assignments. New assignment submissions are added to the top of the list. CHECK THE ENTIRE LIST FOR MODIFIED ASSIGNMENTS.

Property II § A, Professor Shelby A.D. Moore

Torts I § D, Professor Shelby A.D. Moore

Legal Research & Writing § b & i, Rutledge (Mathis Rutledge)

Criminal Litigation Drafting, Peters & Rutledge

Evidence § B, Finegan

Texas Criminal Procedure § B, Finegan

Law & Economics Seminar § 10336, Stevenson

Law & Economics § 10336, Stevenson

Administrative Law § 10106, Stevenson

Case Assessment & Strategy § 35003, STEVENSON

Nonprofit Incorporations § 35004, Stevenson

Criminal Trial Advocacy § a, Ray Moses

Criminal Law § b, Ray Moses

Family Law § B, Browne-Barbour

Torts I § A, Browne-Barbour

Death Penalty Seminar, Williams

Evidence § D, Williams

Civil Procedure § C, Hague

Payment Systems § B, Hague

Corporate Taxation, Yamamoto

Taxation - Advanced Income, Yamamoto

Federal Income Taxation § C, Yamamoto

Property II § C, Professor O. Moya

Environmental Law, Professor O. Moya

Professional Responsibility § A, John Bauman

Criminal Procedure § b, Professor Michael E. Wheeler

Torts I § C, John Bauman

Criminal Law § a, Professor Michael E. Wheeler

Contracts I § d, Kelso

Constitutional Law § a, Kelso

Mindful Lawyering § 35019, Prof. Lewinbuk

Deposition Skills § 35005, Prof. Lewinbuk

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