Summer 2016 Initial Class Assignment for:

Torts II

Instructor: Prof. Field

First class date: May 31, 2016

Posting date: May 23, 2016 @ 13:51:08


Welcome to Torts II. The book we will be using is: Russell L. Weaver,
et al., Torts: Cases, Problems, and Exercises (4th ed., LexisNexis
2013). This casebook is the one and only required book for the course.
During our first class session, I will recommend optional supplements
that you may wish to acquire. (See the syllabus for a listing of these

The syllabus for the class is posted on Stanley at My Courses >
Evidence > Files. (I will distribute a paper copy of the syllabus
during our first class session.)

For the first week, please carefully read, study, and be prepared to
discuss the following:

Tuesday, 5/31: Casebook pp. 567-591.

Wednesday, 6/1: 
   --Casebook p. 591 (“3. Frolics and Detours”) and pp. 600-616. 
   --Also, please read the edited version of Pyne v. Witmer, 543
N.E.2d 1304 (Ill. 1989), that is available for download on Stanley. To
access this file on Stanley, click on the “My Courses” tab; make sure
the Summer 2016 semester is selected; choose “Torts II”; then click on
“Files” on the left part of the screen. 

Note: There is no class on Monday, 5/30, because of the Memorial Day

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