Fall 2015 or Summer Intersession Initial Class Assignment for:

Patent Law

Instructor: Prof. Field

First class date: Thursday, August 20

Posting date: Aug 10, 2015 @ 11:12:49


This course has one required text, which is Martin J. Adelman, et al.,
Cases and Materials on Patent Law (4th ed., West 2015). Additionally,
you can download the current U.S. patent statutes from our
course web site on Stanley (My Courses > Patent Law > Files).

If you are looking for a reference supplement, I recommend Janice M.
Mueller, Patent Law (4th ed., Wolters Kluwer 2012). This book is
essentially a patent-law hornbook, geared towards students. Although
this book is not required, you may find it to be a valuable reference.
(This book should also be available in the STCL bookstore.)

IMPORTANT--PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be having class on the first
scheduled day of classes (Tuesday, 8/18). I have to cancel this class
session because I have plans to travel that day, which I had to make a
long time ago. We will discuss a make-up session during our first
class meeting, which will be Thursday, 8/20.

We will meet in room 3038.

The following is the assignment for the first week. Please read,
study, and be prepared to discuss the following material.

     Tuesday, 8/18:  NO CLASS (see above)

     Thursday, 8/20:
        * pp. 1-21 in Adelman, et al.;
        * Skim the patent on pp. 22-30;
        * pp. 30-32;
        * Fritz Machlup, “An Economic Review of the Patent System”
[available for download on our course web site on Stanley (My Courses
> Patent Law > Files)];
        * pp. 47-55; and
        * Steve Lohr, With Patent Litigation Surging, Creators Turn to
Washington for Help [available on Stanley].

(If you have trouble downloading any of the listed files, please
e-mail me for assistance at tfield@stcl.edu.)

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