Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Internet Legal Research

Instructor: Dr. Steiner

First class date: Jan. 6th

Posting date: Dec 17, 2013 @ 14:00:15


There are four things you must do before we meet on Monday, 
Jan. 6th.
1.  Register at PACER for Case Search Only 
    You have to provide a credit card when you register but PACER 
doesn't bill for usage under $10 per quarter and we will be under 
that limit. 
2.  Register for email newsletters for a particular practice area at 
both Findlaw and Justia.  You will have to register but registration 
is free at both sites (;  Pick a practice area that might be 
useful to you.
3.  Pick a legal blog to follow. Pick one that you aren't already 
familiar with and might actually be useful to you.  Be sure to pick 
one with frequent posts.  For a selection 
of blawgs, try the ABA Blawg Directory (
or the list compiled by the State Bar of Texas (Google: State Bar 
Texas Law Blogs).
4.  Before the first class, send me an email ( 
explaining your choices of newsletters and blog.
Class will be held in the large computer lab on the third floor of 
the library. We start at 9:00. 

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