Fall 2015 or Summer Intersession Initial Class Assignment for:

Federal Income Taxation § a

Instructor: Bruce McGovern

First class date: August 17, 2015

Posting date: Aug 11, 2015 @ 19:10:25


Note: the required texts for the course are listed in the "News" 
section of the course web site on STANLEY.

For the first week of class:

--Read the Preface to the Burke and Friel casebook.

--Read chapter 1 and be prepared to discuss the problem on pages 1 and 
2.  Specifically, be prepared to discuss how each item could be 
treated under our income tax system, how it actually is treated, and 
what Code sections are relevant to your determination.

We will spend the first two class sessions discussing chapter 1. For 
the first class session on Monday, August 17, you should read 
carefully the whole chapter and be prepared to discuss the problem on 
pages 1 and 2. We will finish our discussion of chapter 1 in the 
second class session on Wednesday, August 19.

Things to be aware of for the first day:

--Choose whatever seat you like, and during the first class I will ask 
you to fill out a seating chart.

--I will call on people for random recitation.

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