Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Estate Planning

Instructor: Siegel

First class date: January 15, 2014

Posting date: Jan 8, 2014 @ 13:51:04


Estate Planning
Professor Siegel
Spring 2014

First Week of Class Discussion Problems:

Read pages 1-20 of the Campfield Estate Planning and Drafting text and study the 
diagrams contained in those pages.

Prepare the problems below. You should bring your casebook, current tax code, and class 
supplement (course rules and syllabus are posted on our Stanley course page) to all 
classes.  In the class supplement you will find information regarding class attendance and 
preparation.  The attendance, participation and preparation policy is strict.  This 
information should be read prior to our first class meeting.

1.  Read and prepare the GST problems in chapter 29 of the Taxation of Estates, Gifts and 
Trusts text we used last semester.

Please prepare a 3" x 5" index card with the following information:

	Undergraduate/Graduate  School and Major
	Telephone # and e-mail address
	Area(s) of Legal Interest

The completed index card is to be turned in during our first class meeting.

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