Winter Intersession or Spring 2015 Initial Class Assignment for:

Corporations § b

Instructor: Leahy

First class date: Thur., 1-15-15, 7:45 p.m.

Posting date: Jan 12, 2015 @ 13:39:44



Our casebook is a customized version of the third edition of the
Allen, Kraakman & Subramanian casebook, Commentaries and Cases on the
Law of Business Organization (3rd ed., 2009) (“Custom AK&S”). 

YOU MUST USE the CUSTOM version of the casebook.  (The custom book has
a SOFT black cover.  Do NOT buy a red hardbound casebook!)  Please
make sure to buy the THIRD edition (2013) of the custom casebook.   DO
NOT purchase any prior edition of the custom casebook.  

In addition to the casebook, there are two required statutory
supplements.  You MUST bring the supplements to class whenever
statutes from them are assigned, or else your participation grade may
be affected.



All class materials other than the casebook and statutory supplement,
including some videos and some supplemental reading (in PDF format),
will be posted on our class website on Moodle.  

I expect to post two parts of the Syllabus -- Part A (my class rules
and procedures) and Part B (assignments) -- on Moodle before the first
class, probably on Wednesday afternoon.  You are encouraged, but not
required, to read these Syllabus materials before the FIRST class. 
However, you are REQUIRED to read at least the Syllabus Part A prior
to the SECOND class so that you are fully informed about the class
rules and procedures.  

Here is a link to the class website on Moodle (cut and paste it into
your browser’s address window; after that, you should be able to
bookmark it):  

Please use this link to access the class website on Moodle.   Enter
your STANLEY login and password to log in.  (Our website is currently
under construction, and you may not be able to access it until Tuesday



Reading for Class 1

- Custom AK&S, pp. xi-xiii (Leahy preface) (just skim the preface),
pp. 1-12 (ch. 1), pp. 13-17 (ch. 2) & pp. 19-20 (ch.3, section A.1, up
to but NOT including Tarnowski).	

Questions for Class 1

For the first lease be prepared to answer:  

- “Agency Cost Problem - The CEO & the Jet Plane,” pp. 11-12
- “Chapter 1 Questions,” p. 12
- “Intro to Agency & Partnership: Questions,” p.17 
- Questions 1 & 2 from “Questions on Tarnowski & Meinhard,” p. 26.

Video for Class 1:  

- I will post a video summary of Syllabus Part A on Moodle, probably
by Wednesday morning.  You MUST watch this video BEFORE our first
class. Please be prepared to answer questions about the video in our
first class; this quiz will count towards your participation grade.


See you on Thursday!!

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