Summer 2016 Initial Class Assignment for:


Instructor: Ricks

First class date: May 31

Posting date: May 25, 2016 @ 16:58:04


Welcome to Corporations!

I look forward to meeting you and beginning our study of America's 
most prominent form of business organization!

We are going to discuss what a corporation is, how it forms, the 
duties and rights of those who invest in and manage it, how 
corporate businesses combine, and how they die.  On the way, we 
will talk about the US Constitution, employees' roles, some 
accounting and finance principles, the regulation of securities, 
executive compensation, corporate social responsibility, corporate 
theft, and mergers and acquisitions!

Your first assignment, for Tuesday, May 31, is to study the 
statutes and answer the questions in Section 1.A of the Overbook.  
Please be prepared to answer each question and report both your 
answer and where in the statutes you found the answer.  Answering 
these questions will get you a long way toward preparation for the 
bar in this area, so we will go through each one.

On Wednesday evening, we will continue in the Overbook through 1.B 
and begin discussing the questions in part 2.A.

You may find a copy of the Overbook in the bookstore or a pdf copy 
on the Stanley course homepage under "Files."

You will need a copy of the Texas Business Organizations Code.  
You can use (or download) the copy online from the Texas state 
website (, but a 
2016 edition from Thomson-Reuters is also available in the 
bookstore, and that is the one I will use in class.

See you Tuesday!


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