Fall 2015 or Summer Intersession Initial Class Assignment for:

Civil Procedure § B

Instructor: Rensberger

First class date: August 18, 2014

Posting date: Aug 4, 2015 @ 12:53:30


Here are the assignments for the first classes.

For Tuesday, August 18, please skim pages 1-27 and prepare in detail for 
recitation pages 27-40 and 60-65.  On Thursday, August 20, we will cover 
pages 65-86. 
The casebook is Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton, Hirschkoff, Civil 
Procedure, Cases and Materials (11th ed.).  Also required is the 
paperback Rules and Statutory supplement.  There may be a slight delay 
in getting the Rule and Statute Supplement.  If it is not available in 
the bookstore, you can access Federal Rules here:  
https://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp.  You can find provisions from 
title 28 of the United States Code (“28 U.S.C. ___”) here:  

For each class you should be prepared to: (1) discuss the facts, issues, 
holding and rationale of each principal case within the assignment; (2) 
discuss the materials (including the note cases) contained in the notes 
and questions following the principal cases; and (3) discuss and apply 
the relevant Federal Rules, statutes, and constitutional provisions.

I will make assignments for the next week’s class on each Thursday.  In 
addition, I will be posting the class assignments on the Stanley Course 

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