The Frank Evans Center sponsors a number of events throughout the year in conjunction with the Houston Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and other regional associations. All monthly HBA programs are held at the law school at 7:30 a.m. in the Emilie Slohm room in the library. To rsvp to any HBA events, please email

Upcoming HBA ADR Section Events at South Texas College of Law Houston:

  • April 11, 2017 – ADR in Personal Injury Litigation with Frank Gerold, Tom Norok, and Rick Plezia
  • May 5, 2017 – full day Annual ADR Conference


  • March 14, 2017 – The Evolution of Arbitration in America with Professor Imre Stephen Szalai
  • Feb. 14, 2017 – Real estate and ADR with Jerry Hoover, Britt Schmoller Naponic, and Pat Sharkey
  • Jan. 10, 2017 – ADR in the oil and gas world with Gary McGowan and James Rogers
  • Nov. 15, 2016 – Attorney and Government Affairs Consultant, Denise Rose, of Jackson Walker (Austin) spoke about the status of various ADR bills from the 2015 legislative session.
  • Oct. 11, 2016 – Industry Perspectives on Construction Mediation. Speakers included Dale Tingleaf, Harrison Bibb, and David Peden.
  • Sept. 13, 2016 – Panel Discussion on recent Texas Supreme Court case, Hoskins v. Hoskins (relating to the challenge of an arbitration award under the Texas Arbitration Act). Panelists included: Lionel Schooler, Ingeuneal Gray, and the Hon. Alvin Zimmerman.
  • May 6, 2016 – Annual Full Day Conference on ADR
  • April 12, 2016 – “What do you do after impasse? The hows and whens of follow-up” with Terry Fry
  • March 8, 2016 – “Mediation of EEOC cases” with Joe Bontke, EEOC Outreach Manager
  • February 9, 2016 – “Ethical challenges in arbitation and mediation” with Lonnie Schooler and Paul Clote
  • January 12, 2016 – “Planning for mediation from the advocate’s perspective” with Shawn Raymond
  • November 10, 2015 – “Special problems and unique situations in mediations” with Trey Bergman
  • October 13, 2015 – “Techniques to gain efficiency in arbitration” with David Waddell
  • September 1, 2015 – “Legislative activity in this past session related to ADR” with Mike Amis

Other Past Events:

The Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) hosted its 12th Annual Symposium at South Texas College of Law Houston on Saturday October 22, 2016. For more information, please visit

The Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable hosted its 2016 Train the Trainer Conference with Richard Barnes at South Texas College of Law Houston on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. For additional information, please visit